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Howdens Joinery supplies high quality doors, joinery & hardware to trade customers from stock.

When professionally installed, these products will provide many years of reliable use.

Over 100 door styles to choose from including internal, sliding wardrobe, external, French and garage doors. We also offer quality joinery products, from hardware and stair parts, to skirting and timber or laminate flooring – plus the tools, fixings and accessories that you need to install them. There is an enormous choice of joinery products for all kinds of renovation, refurbishment and new build projects.

Mogio take great pride in what we do and get immense pleasure from exceeding our clients expectations. When professionally installed in the home, these products will provide many years of reliable use.

Mogio approach is to offer a complete one stop shop with design, supply, fitting and all other services such as tiling, electrical work, gas installation and general building services, all from one company.

  • Fire Doors (FD)
  • Essential Fire Door Hardware (FH)
  • Non-essential Fire Door Hardware (FH)
  • Part E Doors (E) – Sound Reducing
  • Part L Doors (L) – Warmth & Insulation suitable for New Build
  • Part L Doors (L) – Warmth & Insulation suitable for Refurbishment Projects
  • Part M Doors (M) – Mobility and Access

Your Guarantee

– UK Manufactured (UK) – Howdens Joinery is a British business. We pride ourselves on the sense of local community, traditional values and long established relationships that thrive in our depots and manufacturing facilities. This logo UK MANUFACTURED or UK indicates that the products illustrated are manufactured and assembled in the UK.

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